and the Disasters we've met
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Here's what we do:

  • Evaluate Your Existing Policy - to determine what coverage may be applicable to your insurance claim.                                                                                                                              
  • Conduct a Full Inspection - of your property to identify and document any damage that the insurance adjuster, contractor of yourself may have missed.  We carefully inspect all of your catetgories of damage from Roof, Siding, Cornice Trim and Fence, to Stucco, Brick, Sheetrock, Paint, Air Conditioner System and everything else that sustained covered damage on your property.  
  • We Research, Detail and Substantiate - every aspect of your claim.  Because of our deep background in residential and commercial construction, storm restoration, new construction and remodel we are able to provide your insurance carrier with a detailed estimate.  With professional adjuster photography establishing a specific and accurate monetary value of your loss.                                                                                                                             
  • Enlist the Assistance of Experts Prominent in their fields of Specialization - Most often times our clients are dealing with insurance negotiations, property loss scenarios and tasks required to negotiate issues that they have never had to deal with before. Many of these issues are  the only time in their life they have ever had to deal with.  In the process of reaching successful settlement of your claim we have access to the folks be it Structural Engineers, or Accountants or Legal Counsel, we are here to offer time tested, proven result driven professionals to share their expertise and provide the expert opinions in their fields relating to your claim.  By working with professionals in the Property Damage Insurance Claim resolution process we are consistently able to attain great results for you so that you are able to return your property and your life to pre-loss condition. 
Randall Crow
"Do what you love for a living and you will never work a day in your life"  and if you are looking for a meaningful life, help people everyday.
What is a Public Adjuster?
A "Public Adjuster" in Texas is licensed by the Texas Department of Insurance to assist in the preparation, presentation and settlement of your insurance claim.  We work for you "the public", not the insurance company.  Aside from an attorney, we are the only advocates who can legally represent you during your property 
claim negotiation.

  • ​​We at Texas Elite Public Adjusters LLC. are fully bonded pursuant to State law.  
  • We have over 30 years of adjusting experience.
  • Our background  includes 80 years of  extensive construction experience.
  • We to stand apart from many others in our profession when it comes to accuracy in our inspections and damage repair estimating.  
So Why does someone choose a career as a Public Adjuster?
        This profession found me while I was in McAllen Texas in May of 2012 after the Epic Hailstorm that devastated those homes and business.  I went to McAllen as a Roofing Contractor and a Texas licensed Independant insurance adjuster.  On my first McAllen re roof claim I noticed that the major carrier's adjuster was turning down obvious hail damage that anywhere else in Texas or the United States would have been a storm claim but in McAllen this damage was being denied and called anything but hail damage by the very combative, angry and aggressive  insurance company adjuster.  After looking at two more properties that day with the same adjuster who was ready to physically confront me by the end of the day.    I decided to upgrade my Independant Adjuster License to Texas Public Adjuster so that I could play a part in helping the insured consumer's of McAllen and Mission recieve the proper amount for their insurance property claims.  After 15 years as a Roofing Company Owner and one year as TDI licensed Independent Adjuster I chose right then and there to shift my career from writing claims on the behalf of the Insurance Carriers to representing insured Homeowners and Businessowners to assist them in negotiating fair insurance claim settlements that correctly reflect the severity of the damage to their properties.....
.  Randy Crow  lic # 1815540